Our Story

We are a Family-Owned Business in Randolph, NE!

CBees is started and owned by Cody Backer. Cody grew up in a town where beekeeping was well known, love the outdoors and wanted to show his children that hard work can prove to be successful. He also wanted to prove the American Dream is still there where anything can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

We are a small family business located in Randolph, Nebraska – the self-proclaimed “honey capital of the world” since there has been so many beekeepers in the area throughout the years. While based in the small town in Nebraska, Cody often travels to Texas and California. Texas is where more colonies are built, and California is for almond pollination. Although Cody travels by himself most of the time, his family will usually make the annual trip to Texas in late Spring to pick up bees to bring to Nebraska.

We are proud to say that we are growing every year. We started small, with only a few hundred hives. Our goal is to sell to more individuals and bring the farm-to-table experience for people.